Venom Curb Stompers 61mm 82a

Curb Stompers från Venom är ett läckert hybridhjul för dig som vill få mer komfort och lite bättre rull vid transport. Diametern på 61mm gör att de passar sig för den som vill ta sig fram lättare. Även hårdheten på 82a gör att de blir mjukare att pusha sig fram på.

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A round lipped wheel that mobs city streets as smoothly and predictably as the Venom Cannibals mob mountain passes is obviously a thing to covet. The Venom Curb Stompers were developed using the same high rebound white urethane as the Cannibals, only poured into a size and shape ideal for tighter urban lines.

The Curb Stompers at 61mm are large enough to maintain a significant rolling speed, but also light enough to ollie up curbs and over sleeping transients. The round profile and stone ground finish makes slides, speed checks, and throwing on the brakes easy. Curb Stompers are available in both 82a and 90a duros, so you can opt for more or less traction. If you’re lusting for the smell of fresh thane, but are stuck in the city, the Curb Stompers will hold you over until your next mountain adventure.






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